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Some notes on George... 


"A wonderful character actor with great range."

-Adam Hill  Acting Coach; NY/LA/Las Vegas 


"George Harvey Dabling is the real deal.  A pro, who has the presence and voice to command an audience’s attention.  I’d hire him in a heartbeat."

-Chris Holder  Acting Coach; Ivana Chubbuck Studio


"George Harvey Dabling is one who definitely shows up prepared and delivers a performance.  I can't wait until I get a chance to work with him again."

-Douglas Farra  Director, President

House of D.O.N. Productions, Inc.

"He didn't just act the part, he was the part. Many viewers pointed him out specifically as having a great screen presence. My experience with George was completely positive and memorable."

-Mark Stephens  Director, Producer

Elsewhereland Entertainment


"George is totally committed to creating a character that is believable, 

complex and unpredictably interesting. I can unequivocally recommend him as the superb artist and actor that he is."

-Lynne Van Dam  Director, Producer 

Adjunct Professor at University of Utah



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