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George Harvey Dabling


Stats: 5'11"
Location: Albuquerque, N.M.

(Will work SAG-AFTRA anywhere 'Local Hire'


Dog Night (Short)                            Supporting                      Lex Hogan, Salty Horror Prod.

One Step Behind                            Supporting                       Mark Stephens, Elswherelnd Enter. LLC

Bubblegum & Broken Fingers      Supporting**                  Sean Jackson, Somnium Prod.

Drury Lane                                      Supporting                       Lynne Van Dam, Dir. (Drury Lne Prod.)

Night Falls                                        Supporting                       Jake Keenum, U. of Utah Film Dept.

Vitamin Z (Web Series - Ep.#8)     Guest Role                       Doug Farra, House of DON Prod.   


       **Awarded 'Best Debut Performance'  -- 2011 Vegas Independent Film Festival - Las Vegas, Nevada 


XMAS, Jello Surprise, & Uncle Stan       Uncle Stan                   Wasatch Theatre Co./Daniel Torrance

Catch Me If You Can’                           Insp. Levine                 Virgin Valley Th. Grp./Sha Zohren   

Plaza Suite                                            Sam Nash                    Virgin Valley Th. Grp./Ed McKenzie

DMV Tyrant                                          Customer                     Virgin Valley Th. Grp./Sha Zohren

Lady of Larkspur Lotion                     The Writer                    Virgin Valley Th. Grp./Sha Zohren      

Catch Me If You Can                            Daniel Corbin             Mission Viejo Players/Vince Cardio

Eat Your Heart Out                              Charlie                         Cabrillo Playhouse/Ben Jutzi            

The Drunkard                                       Edward Middleton     Cabrillo Playhouse/Chuck Roberts    

The Male Animal                                  Wally Myers                Cabrillo Playhouse/Paul Ideker          

The 90-Day Mistress                            Danny Liken               Cabrillo Playhouse/Beverly Sparks   

Eh?                                                          Valentine Brose         Cabrillo Playhouse/Richard Anderson


Fast Study

Valid Passport

Intoxication roles

Voice over 



Life experience/skills: 

College football 

Golden Gloves boxer 

Boxing coach/trainer - 6 Yrs.

Snow-skiing, water-skiing, ice skating, Horseback, billiards, bowling,

Softball, fly fishing. 


3 courses handguns (one POST-certified), 1 rifle/shotgun safety course, firearms training, hold current Nevada Concealed Weapons Permit 

Excellent writing skills.     

Monument Memorials                      Husband/Grandfather            Mystery Box Productions (Utah)


Training & Workshops

 Past Acting Coaches                           John Kirby, Hollywood, CA

                                                               Chris Holder, Ivana Chubbuck Studios, LA

                Michael Tylo and Adam Hill -- Las Vegas

Adv. Film Acting Seminar (2-Day)     Tom Logan , Los Angeles

Film Acting (5 Weeks)                         Douglas T. Prichard, Yellow Rose Studios, Las Vegas, Nv

Audition/CD Workshops                    Fern Champion/Paul Weber/Peter Pappas/Susan Putnam/Helen McCready

Acting in Film (1-Day)                         Jenn Gotzon @ Yellow Rose Studios, Las Vegas

Film Acting Seminar (2-Day)             Tom Logan. Los Angeles

Apprenticeship (18-months)             Actors Studio, LA:Susan Strasberg, Shelley Winters, Mark Rydell, etc.

Acting Intensive Program                  Dominic DeFazio/Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute

Intro. to the Strasberg Method         Dominic DeFazio/U.C. Irvine Outreach Educ. Program

Actors Workshop (8-Weeks)              Lee Shallat/South Coast Repertory Company Acting Conservatory

Beg., Int., and Advanced Acting        Vosco Call/Utah State Univ. Theatre Dept.


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